Gimme is one of our favorite guide dogs. He spends about 35 days a year in the upland field. Pointing, flushing, and retrieving pheasants. He is very trainable and has a strong desire to retrieve. He is a dog that can go all day. He is just as good in the water. Steady until released and enters the water with a huge entry. He is a pin point marker and an excellent blind running dog. He is also a big teddy bear when he hangs out at home loving all the attention he can get. Gimme is the total package in what I look for in a Labrador. Gimme currently has 3 senior akc passes needing one more for his title.

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PD earned his master title this summer and is 3 years old. He has a great memory, runs straight lines, and loves to run for the long marks. I feel PD is very intelligent and highly trainable. We are working to qualify PD for the 2007 master national. He has four passes out of the five to qualify for the 2007 master national. PD loves to please his handler, is very well mannered, and is great with kids. PD won 2nd place at the NWMO qual on 4/14/07, earning his "qualified all age" status. We will continue training for higher titles.

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