Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our little Daizi May. She went on a two day trip with us up to South Dakota. We had 10 guys and 4 other well trained hunting labs. She is barely a year old and hung in there with all of the older more experienced dogs. I dropped a Rooster and she went after it and brought it back to me. She is hand trained and has a nose like no other dog I have seen. At only a year, she has a lot to learn, but we are extremely happy with her. Not only is she doing great with hunting, but you could not ask for a more loving, special dog. I have plenty of people ask me where I bought her from and I tell them I bought her from you guys.

Take care,
Todd Calfee

Just wanted to give you an update on our pup (Boulder) we got from you. We are very happy with her and she is a wonderful family dog. In fact, she is so good with our kids that we have to remind them she is special and not to play with dogs that are "strangers" the way they do with Boulder. She passed the local obedience class the earliest of any puppy. She is well versed in the basics – sit, stay and come and is just now starting to heel quite well. She is starting to stop on whistle in the field as well as yardwork. She has worked about 10 birds and has pointed some of the birds. She loves to retrieve and will bug us to work with us with a playful growling noise if she hasn’t worked that day. She loves the water and sits and works in a canoe or john boat quite well. I am currently working with her on delivering to hand, more casting work in the field, and whoa commands before we do anymore bird work with her. She is really a well rounded dog and is everything that we hoped for.
Thanks again,